First Home Owners


Let the team at EMAC Homes tailor your first home build to suit your style and functional needs as well as your budget.  

We understand this is probably the biggest purchase you’ve ever made and it can be a nerve-wracking time. However, building homes is what we do daily and our experienced team can guide you through the entire build process, keeping you involved as much as you’d like to be.

It’s a great feeling seeing the stages completed on your own build project… when the slab is poured, when the frames go up… through to the finishing decorative pieces. The best thing is knowing that once it’s all done and you turn the key in the front door for the first time and walk through your own home that all of it is yours.

We’d love to join you for your first home build and be a part of the very first walk-through celebrations!

Note: You may qualify for the First Home Owners grants from the Queensland Government. Find out more information on the website here: